The Centre offers the services adapted to needs and mentalities of investors coming from EurAsEC Member States.

  • Information on the state of legislation in different countries of the world.
  • Prompt legal research on precise questions.
  • Studying of markets of any kinds.

Juridical assistance

No matter whether you are a well-experienced investor and/or you initiate your activities, you will in need reliable legal data in order to correctly orient yourself in this everyday changing world.

  • Legal support for investments in the Center work area : incorporation of compnies, contracts, arbitration etc.
  • Juridical surveys of particular questions and problems.
  • Consultations on customs, tax, foreign trade and other questions.
  • Legal services.

Law creation

The Centre offers you the possibility to influence the investment  legislation and to insure good conditions for you.

  • Realization of orders on creation of laws and other statutory acts and their legal monitoring in legislative and executive power agencies in the countries of the Centre work area.
  • Interests lobbying assistance for international and national investors in legislative and executive power agencies.
  • Assistance in realization of legislative initiative.
  • Consultations and other juridical services for national parliament deputies, ministries and administrations representatives, regional parliaments deputies, and regional administrations representatives.

Our partners


in EurAsEC

in Switzerland

Investment projects

The Centre possesses various investment offers.

These investment offers can be found in the Centre data base and comprise of:

  • Investment proposals managed by the Centre.
  • Tarassovskoe hydrocarbons deposit exploitation in Rostov region (Russia). Investment amount needed is 33.4 mln USD, realization for 2010.
  • Private investment requests.

Certain projects are confidential and are not published here. The investment offers are available to our clients at their special request according to their activity field. Please contact the Centre for more information.