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EurAsian Economic Community (EurAsEC) is an international economic organization of the Member States aimed to form common external customs borders, to develop common external economic policy, tariffs, prices etc., and other functioning parts of a common market, adapted from European Community, WTO, and other international norms.
EurAsEC is created in compliance with UN principles and international legal principles. EurAsEC is an Observer in the UN General Assembly.

Member states 

The Member States are: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. The Agreement to create EurAsEC was signed on October 10th, 2000 by the leaders of five of these countries. Uzbekistan joined to EurAsEC in 2005. Moldavia, Ukraine and Armenia are Observers of EurAsEC.


The major activities of EurAsEC for the near future comprise :

  • Transport – resolving questions concerning unified tariffs, increase of products transportation volume, simplifying of customs procedures, creation of transnational transport and consignment corporations.
  • Energy – enhancing common hydro-energetic complexes located in Central Asia and resolving water and electricity supply problems, common energetic balance.
  • Work force migration – socially protecting migrants, creating an effective regulation and control system for migration of workers, struggling against migration related criminality, resolving tax payment problems of migrants and their employers.
  • Agrarian sector – conciliating agrarian sector policy in EurAsEC Member Mtates, developing common agrarian market in EurAsEC Member States, reducing of transportation and storage costs, realizing agricultural products, creating new market institutions in these domains (insurance, banks, leasing, stock market etc.).

EurAsEC brings various public activities to national and international level, participates in conferences. Its work is reported by the mass media (« Nezavisimaya Gazeta », « Vedomosti », « Rossijskaya Gazeta », « Parlamentskaya Gazeta », « Novoe vremia » (Russia), « Les Echos » (France) etc.

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