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EurAsian Economic Centre for Legal Analysis, Information and Investment Support opened in Geneva in 2007 (the Centre). The Centre is the institution of the EurAsian Economic Community (EurAsEC) composed of six territories of the former Soviet Union.


The idea of the Centre is not new. Since 2002 the Founders have been in contact with international organisations, such as the UN, the WTO, the ITC, the ICTSD, and the Swiss organisations SIPPO SIPPO (Swiss Import Promotion program) and SECO (State Secretarial for Economic Affaires). These organisations supported the creatiing the Centre.


The objective of the Centre is to assist the present and potential investors initially from, or acting within, the Member States of the Centre (EurAsEC, the EU, and Switzerland), but, upon the request of the Centre Members, investors can be from any country in the world. The Centre establishes two lines of business relations: on the one hand, it assists European businesses in their approach to the Member States of the EurAsEC markets; and on the other hand, it provides support to companies from the member states of the EurAsEC in developing activities in western markets.


The main activities of the Centre are:

  • Informing potential investors about new projects and offers issued in Member States of the Centre.
  • Judicial consulting for potential investors in the Member States.
  • Evaluating legal conditions for investments in different economic sectors of the member countries.
  • Legal and comparative analyzing of the Members States’ national legislations.
  • Judicial and economic supporting of investments within the Member States.
  • Organizing international conferences on questions concerning legislations in Member States.
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